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Oracle 19c ANA Upgrade Regression Test 
Mar 03 2023 |4 min read
Problem Statement

19c Oracle ANA upgrade migration required testing of all objects utilising  ANA from FES / Analytics . Performance, Stability and Scalability were focus areas. The objective is to move to high end database that allows dynamic workloads and improved performance & high-end availability

Scope of Work Included
  • Upgrade 19c ANA on one environment & report for any DB concerning issues for the ~1000 objects 
  • Identify long running process/failures post upgrade & report them to DB & FES team
  • Conduct deliverables call with Analytics/FES/DBA team on project progress over the period of 3 months
Key Services Offered
  • 24x5 Support structure for two dedicated environment end-to-end support 
  • Infra health check final analysis 
  • SLA/Incident/Problem Management for any Replication/DB latency/Snap runtime issues reporting 
  • Deployment planning & process capability to run on infra
  • NC  job regression run in delta4[upgraded ANA version]  vs delta2 [non upgraded ANA ] - long running /failures detailed evaluation
  • Impact analysis for ensuring data sanity 
  • Debugging, Monitoring & Data validation support for critical process
  • Alert setup with DBA team on runtime performance for Delta related Snap
  • Team created weekly plan to deliver batch of jobs for detailed analysis & following call for better approach or process improvement

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Sunpreet Kaur

Sunpreet Kaur

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