Gem University


Gem University

Gem University is an in-house university where we intend to provide the best of the opportunities to our employees to sharpen their skills, master competencies & expand the scope of their professional development. Pedagogy will include Workshops, Knowledge Sharing Sessions & Industrial Trainings oriented towards elevating performance by enhancing current skill sets. Like Voltaire said “Lets cultivate our garden” we also believe in investing in our biggest asset – OUR PEOPLE and creating an enriching learning experience for them. We strongly believe that Our People’s growth is Our growth and Gemini University is committed to create an industry level benchmark in this direction.



In-house Trainings Programs

  • Self-Learning: Repository of trainings that are accessible to the employees through MIS
  • Classroom Learning: In-house training modules


In-house certification program with 3 levels:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Company Sponsored Certification: Allows an employee to acquire a certification fully funded by Gemini.