While we ensure that work is fun at Gemini, we also have a host of clubs that let you give an outlet to your passion and hobbies.

Techno Club

Techno club is an opportunity for all of us technology-lovers to interact and exchange ideas on reviving our dormant tech gears and keep everyone informed on the latest happenings within the organisation- projects, technologies and such.

From hosting tech events to publishing monthly tech updates to increasing inter-team interaction, techno club aims to bridge every possible gap and keep people on their tech-toes. Sighting example from the most recent activity hosted by the club- “Tech Expo” which gave the participants a platform to showcase their day-to-day work, the essence lies in encouraging involvement from both members and non-members of the club. The goal is to be the eyes, ears and voice to our technical imagination and also to keep it alive!

Cultural Club

Cultural club keeps the office environment cheerful, vibrant and energetic especially during festivities and monthly birthday celebrations. It provides a platform for the entire organisation to participate in fun filled engagement activities, giving the employees a chance to showcase their hidden talents and interact with people from the other teams through these activities.

From karaoke, pictography, quiz contests, guess the song to Ravan making competition for Diwali celebrations, Holi celebrations and flash mobs, cultural club has made it a point to come up with unique games and activities in order to break the everyday monotony of work. The one activity that is always awaited by the fellow Geminians is “Gemini’s got Talent” which happens every year during the annual trip wherein people showcase their talents in terms of singing, dancing, painting and so on. In the end, where people aren’t having fun, they seldom produce good work.

Sports Club

Being involved in sports activities benefits a person in many ways. It not only provides physical fitness but also stimulates leadership qualities, confidence level, team work, self-control and sportsmanship spirit. The sports club in Gemini is the one that brings out a sportsperson in fellow Geminians.

Having a majority of cricket enthusiasts, we have organized many fun filled friendly cricket matches in the past and now making a team which will be participating in the upcoming ‘Inter-Company cricket tournament’ Catering to the needs of other employees, the sports club also organizes frequent Football matches and other indoor activities/challenges. The aim is to bring maximum participation from the employees in order to promote fitness, enthusiasm, cheer and longevity. Further,  we plan to grow and spread even more by coming up with more indoor and outdoor sports events and expects a larger participation this time; because, Michael Jordan rightly said: Talent wins games, but team-work and intelligence win championships.