Banking and Financial Services


BFSI vertical is core to our offerings and overall value proposition. With our “Enterprise Agile” work culture and project management methodologies, we help BFSI players put their ideas into reality quickly, allowing them to make several iterations in a very small time to arrive at the right solution from a customer perspective. For the market leaders we also manage and maintain their entire IT needs providing them production and infra support, managing their development operations and supporting their front-ends with 24/7 support.



Banking industry has benefited the most from the ongoing digital revolution. Customer expectations have largely shaped the way in which websites, mobile apps and personal financing apps have spawned. We help our customers to capture the full value from these trends.

  • Multi-channel banking
  • Personal Financial Apps
  • Social Media Integration
  • Customer Lifecycle Analytics
  • Loan systems based on credit scores
  • KYC and AML solutions

Hedge Funds

As a fund manager, you work day in and day out to earn that delta which remains elusive to standard investors. While you do your work best, we ensure that all the numbers and analysis that you need are available right at your fingertips. Over time, we have gained a thorough understanding of emerging trends and developed end-to-end solutions for hedge funds and asset management firms making this vertical probably one of our strongest in financial services space. We work with leading hedge funds and alternative investment companies to provide support and development services with stringent standards of quality.


Product Development

We have developed a number of customized products for our customers. Some of these are –

    • A portfolio monitoring tool.
    • An analytics support tool.

Infrastructure administration and support

From creating your private cloud to managing your local servers and machines, we take care of all the infra needs you may have.

Development operations

We process more than a million positions, prices and associated risk metrics on a daily basis with close to no hitches.



For the insurance industry, our solutions cover both marketing and the finance side. On the marketing side, we help companies develop and launch new products for their customers by creating apps, websites and marketing campaigns on a holistic basis. On the financial side, we focus on providing analytics solutions that help customers streamline their claims, billings and manage their risks using actuarial statistics.

Some of our focus areas are:

  • Claims Management
  • Policy Administration
  • Risk Management
  • Collections
  • Fraud Management
  • Analytics Solution

Payment Solutions

We have helped tech companies with seemingly no prior presence in financial services develop their own world-class payment solutions. Some of our key focus areas have been:

Platform development

We have helped firms develop web-based and mobile applications to support the platform. We have also gone one step ahead by developing capabilities to process payments in bitcoins and other crypto-currencies.

Crypto-currency Exchange

One of the areas that we are currently working on is developing a crypto-currency exchange. This will enable online trading amongst various crypto currencies with USD as the local fiat currency.