Education sector has reached a tipping point wherein it has transcended the limits of both breadth and depth. On the breadth side, education is now available to a much wider audience with the proliferation of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) putting even a university education within the reach of masses. On the depth side, dissemination of information through multiple channels and consequently, increased collaboration between academics, industries, researchers and professionals have enabled cross-pollination of ideas and resulted in greater advances in technology as well as workplace productivity.

Complete Institution Management Software

We offer 360-degree management tools to manage complex operations effortlessly. These include attendance management, student performance management, inventory and devices management among others. This comes with a set of dashboards, alerts and status reports that help you better visualize how your institute is doing.

Test Prep through online testing platforms

We provide online testing platforms to allow students prepare for competitive exams and tests in a better way.




Virtual Classrooms

Virtual classrooms enable easier and faster learning by helping you prioritize your study needs and take classes from the best teachers at your convenience.

Online courses through content hosting platforms

Content hosting platforms enable you to host a plethora of educational content that can be utilized by students, working professionals and academicians alike. These platforms come with the live-streaming feature inbuilt.

Analytics for Education

Data related to students at various stages of their lifecycle – right from choosing an institution to admissions, graduation and becoming an alumnus – can help generate a lot of insights about their behavior. This can help us in targeting them with the right set of services depending on the lifecycle stage they are at. Our data management and analytics services help you do exactly that.

Few of Our Products