Government Sector


Government Sector has become one of our key focus areas over time. The task of governance has become more complicated with increased digitization. Systems have become more connected, sophisticated and hence vulnerable. But just like any other technological advances, digitization has also put more tools at government’s disposal to combat these challenges and improve governance at large. There are two aspects to this trend – one is the process side where everything is being moved online in a secure and efficient manner, second is the intelligence side where a deluge of information is being digested to generate insights about social environment to prevent crimes, identify priority areas and prepare for disasters.

Enterprise Level Solutions

This includes end-to-end development, maintenance and management of government systems including infrastructure as well as applications.

Video conferencing solutions

We also offer video conferencing solutions for public bodies making it possible for different government bodies to collaborate with each other seamlessly thus greatly simplifying the task of coordination.

Analytics & Performance Dashboards

Predictive Analytics

We also help you leverage advanced analytics techniques to predict things like tax evasion, chances of crimes in a location or to even predict natural disaster. While in some cases, it will require creating a 360 degree view of individuals and observe behavioral differences, in other cases it would mean collecting a lot of data and observing the trends.

Performance Dashboards

We also provide you with dashboards to monitor the performance of your various government departments and also to highlight the priority areas with their economic importance highlighted. This helps you also budget for all the projects in the pipeline.

Infrastructure administration

From creating cloud infrastructure to monitoring and managing the local servers, we take care of all the infra needs of public organizations.

Product Development

We offer end-to-end development capabilities with great user experiences for front-end mobile apps and web applications with secure and efficient back-end operations.

Data Management

For organizations that collect a lot of data such as income tax commission or financial regulatory authorities we offer sound data management solutions. From creating EDW (enterprise data warehouses) to analytical and reporting data marts, our solutions provide you end-to-end data management.