Health Care


Health care sector, one of the most crucial sector to our well-being, has evolved differently in different geographies. Developed markets for instance, have a landscape dominated by a multitude of stakeholders – payers, insurers, government, private players, providers and patients. Compared to that, emerging markets have relatively less sophisticated value chains. Nonetheless, in both the markets the major priorities remain the same – minimizing the cost of providing health care and enhancing access to masses.

We have made some rapid strides in this sector with our offerings expanding rapidly to include custom-product development, ERP solutions, healthcare analytics and online VC based platforms to greatly enhance universal access to health care. We consider it a privilege to partner with health-care firms in making health-care accessible to more people and at lower costs.


Custom-product Development

We have leveraged our capabilities in web and mobile app development to help health-care providers and insurers reach out to different segments of market with customized products.

ERP Solutions

Our ERP solutions are targeted towards hospitals and private clinics alike with a vision of streamlining administration related tasks freeing time for doctors to focus on providing healthcare.


Solutions for Front-Line Staff

We provide mobile applications for HHTs (hand-held terminals) provided to health-insurance agents. This automates data entry task making it more efficient and less error-prone. The customer data acquired in this manner becomes extremely useful from an analytics perspective.

Healthcare analytics

We have twin focus areas in this service – for developed markets, we are focused on providing cutting-edge analytics solutions based on patients’ big data – healthcare history, genetic information and demographics. For developing markets where data itself is sparse, our current focus is on enabling data collection through our data management solutions.



Video-conferencing based platforms

Our competencies in developing video-conferencing solutions has allowed us develop solutions customized for health-care sector. This solution can be used by doctors, local medical representatives and wellness-experts (Yoga trainers, aerobics trainers etc.) alike.

We have leveraged our capabilities in product development to develop innovative products to target a wider audience for health care innovations. We also leverage our enterprise capabilities to support health care institutions with efficient enterprise solutions.