Retail Solutions


Retail Solutions

Gemini Solution provides full-service software solutions to retail software vendors. Our retail industry experts possess extensive retail industry knowledge that helps identify the best technical solutions to meet your software development and budgetary needs. Gemini Solution has worked on or is the backend developer for many of the retail platforms used today. We have developed high volume, scalable, fully customizable e-commerce plus POS platforms for e-tailers and retailers around the world.

Solutions for Front-Line Staff

We have developed mobile applications for HHTs provided to the front-end staff, promoters and supervisors to record their attendance, monitor share of shelf and stock-outs and provide them information on prices, currently running promotions and general training content.

E-commerce systems

Our expertise in developing cloud centric solutions has also enabled us to provide better targeted solutions for the e-commerce sector wherein we design the entire back-end and front-end for online retailers.

Retail analytics

Analytics solutions for retailers are focused on two areas – one, attribution analytics wherein we map customer journey and identify what acts as the key motivator behind a purchase and second, business intelligence solutions to monitor performance and key areas of opportunities.

Supply chain solutions

Supply chain solutions provide a comprehensive view of demand patterns, movement of goods, primary and secondary sales plans and inventories. Coupled with our enterprise solutions, they provide a powerful tool to ensure a smooth replenishment regime for retailers and CPGs alike.