IT Managed Services

Gemini offers several management services and is able to combine our range of services to suit a diverse range of needs. Our dedicated and responsive Managed Services consistently deliver and respond to business needs with proactive support in an agile IT environment. We offer end-to-end IT support services to help streamline and achieve business objectives resulting in high levels of performance within defined SLAs.

IT Operations

  • End-to-end ongoing operational support services including 24*7 monitoring
  • Real-time issue identification and resolution
  • Timely escalation/delegation

Infra Support

  • Managing IT Infrastructure
  • Ensuring the highest level of availability
  • Network & Enterprise Security

Project Management and Reporting

  • Project Management practices
  • Efficient and reliable reporting framework that ensures we meet client’s compliance and reporting mandates

Application Development

When packaged solutions and software products are not sufficient or flexible enough for your enterprise, that’s where the expertise of Gemini Solutions comes in. We provide high-quality applications custom-built for your organization’s requirements. Our service offerings, as mentioned below, are targeted towards the principle outcomes of increased advocacy, high end-user productivity, and rapid adoption. Our primary focus is to support your ability to derive maximum business value from your investments.

Comprehensive services

We deliver change-the-business, run-the-business, and cross-functional IT services employing:

  • A modular/agile approach to the life cycle of a business application
  • Development, Testing, Rollout, Enhancements, and Support
  • Industry best practices and proprietary IPs, tools, and frameworks

Continuous Improvement

We are continuously inventing and investing in robust methodologies, tools, processes, partnerships and niche technologies.

Development Expertise

Our custom application development services are delivered by a team of highly adept technology architects, innovators, design experts and program management specialists in all of the major technologies such as C++, JAVA, Python, Perl, C#, HTML 5, utilizing databases such Oracle, Sybase and MongoDB and working on Linux, Unix and Windows platforms.

Digital Transformation

In this fast paced and ever changing dynamic world, the IT industry is one of the leading enablers in the arena of digital transformation. It is the transformation of business into a new channel by adapting to the innovative digital solutions, replacing the orthodox ways of carrying out a process or the business as a whole that dominates the modern world.

Digital transformation delivers tangible and intangible value across the company value chain, with specific benefits in six key areas – Cost reduction, Sales productivity, Customer experience, Speed to market, Global reach, Work efficiency and much more.



There’s a phased approach to keep evolving in the digital transformation landscape.


  • Mobile Apps
  • Customer & Agent profiles
  • Paperless processing
  • Integrated Systems


  • Big Data Predictive
  • Analytics
  • Internet of Things
  • Blockchains
  • Chatbots


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Product Development and pricing based on social media
  • P2P business models
  • Robotic Process Automation



Cloud Solutions

Our cloud solutions make sure that your business can continue operating without any disastrous consequences despite any sudden changes in the environment. Some salient features of our cloud solutions are:

  • Cloud Migration and Management Services
  • Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Management Services
  • Cloud Native Applications
  • COTS Software Deployment to the Cloud
  • Use of Cloud VMs for Development, Testing, and Training
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC)

Software Quality Services

Through a steadfast commitment to excellence and by leveraging certified best practices, we uphold our client’s expectations. Gemini Solutions has received accreditation on the international quality management system, including ISO 9001(2008). We are certified to Information Security standards like ISO 27001(2013), which guides our policies & procedures for protecting our own as well as client’ software designs & systems. We have also received accreditation for meeting the requirements of IT Service Management System like ISO 20000(2011).

Testing and QA Services

We provide testing support for the entire SDLC Cycle involving major cornerstones of testing services such as Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control (QC), project planning and estimations. Our QA engineers and testing units ensure quality control & product stability through a series of testing stages & methodologies.

Our Testing Services Include

    • Resource Compatibility
    • Agile
    • Security
    • Cloud Computing

  • Automation
  • Advisory Services
  • Web & Mobile Applications
  • Regression

Data Mining Services

Data Mining uses database technology, statistical analysis, and machine learning to analyze large amounts of data in an automated way, to discover hidden patterns and predictive information in the data.

As a service provider to clients in the financial sector, we process a large quantity of data in various batches in the system. It is quite important to validate the data at different points in the process to identify corrupt data and correct it at an early phase before it flows in the system. Gemini specializes in identifying these data points and perform validations against patterns identified from the history.

Migration Services

World markets today are fast moving away from the contemporary and legacy business processes to the latest state-of-the-art technology platforms and software products. We at Gemini, bring you the best of operational services to migrate from contemporary systems to more advanced systems.

We provide end-to-end support from initial planning and analysis of existing systems to assess the potential impact of migration, deciding on the migration strategy, creating a streamlined roadmap, implementing it and then providing post-migration support.



We analyze the existing structure/code and perform a thorough cost-benefit analysis that enables our clients to accurately determine the need for re-engineering/migration of the existing processes and hence give them an indication on the benefits that can accrue even before a single brick is moved.