Benefits for Full-Time Employees

Experience a culture of care and support with our generous employee perks and the benefits.

Engaging Workplace

Skill Development

Health & Wellness

Leave Benefits

Refer & Earn

Lifestyle Benefits

Financial Support

Tax Saving Components

Retirement Benefits

Engaging Workplace

Annual Trip & Workplace Celebrations

The annual trips are a great escape from the mundane routines and provide a platform to connect with different teams. Our yearly parties and team lunches provide the opportunity to relax and spend quality time with others.

Work Anniversary

Celebrating our colleagues’ efforts & the progress they have made over the past years is what we cherish the most. Through exciting goodies and vouchers, we ensure their progress is acknowledged.

Celebrating Beyond Work

Commemorating our colleagues’ special moments happening outside of the workplace. Be it marriage or birthday, we feel privileged to be a part of these special events.

Activity Room

Take a break from work and tap into your playful side with our lively activity room, featuring games, fitness equipment, and regular team-building events to foster camaraderie and fun!


Experience a vibrant and dynamic workplace culture with our diverse range of employee clubs. From cultural celebrations to tech innovation and adventure, there's something for everyone to explore and enjoy.

Xbox Room

Whether you're a casual gamer or a die-hard competitor, our fully-equipped gaming room offers the perfect space to unwind and connect with colleagues over your favorite games.

Skill Development

Gem University

Our online self-learning programs, classroom learnings, and certification programs ranging from the beginner to the advanced level provide the ultimate learning experience.

Company Sponsored Certification Program

Be itself-paced learning, nano videos, or webinars, we always focus on ensuring that learning never stops. In this regard, any certification our colleague completes is reimbursed by the company.

Health & Wellness Benefits

Practo Wellness Plan

A wellness plan for our colleagues and their families in collaboration with Practo providing the below services:

  • Instant video/audio/chat consultation with a qualified specialist doctor across 23 specialties including Psychological Counselling. 7-day follow-up consultation window with the same doctor through the chat medium post initial consultation.
  • Medicine delivery at home with a flat 20% discount applicable on every order (pay per use)
  • Lab tests and health check-ups (Home sample collection) with a flat 20% discount applicable on each booking (pay per use)
  • Dedicated concierge service

Medical Insurance

The company provides the medical insurance coverage of single colleague & Married colleague (covering self, spouse and two dependent children). In case parents are to be enrolled, the premium for the same has to be borne by the colleague.

Wellness Programs

Our host of wellness programs ranging from zumba, yoga, one-on-one consultation and assistance programs conducted throughout the year focus on both the mental and physical well-being of our colleagues.

Food Facility

We have an in-house food facility providing a variety of wholesome food options. Our experienced chefs create balanced meals with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to keep you energized and nourished throughout the day.

Leave Benefits


We prioritize the well-being of our colleagues by offering a comprehensive range of time-away programs. This includes paid time off, as well as leave for new parents to spend quality time with their newborns. Our leave plans are as follows:

  • Privilege Leave
  • Casual Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Paternity Leave
  • Covid Leave
  • Bereavement Leave

Refer & Earn

Refer & Earn Policy

We are growing rapidly and want everyone to be part of this growth, hence welcome recommendations from our existing colleagues. If their recommended candidate is hired and stays with the organization for a stipulated time duration, then the colleague is provided with a referral bonus. Also, we appreciate recommendations from our prospective joiners. In case the candidate recommended by them joins us, then they are also eligible for the referral bonus as per our referral policy.

Lifestyle Benefits

Work from Home

Our work from home policy ensures working from home is beneficial for both our colleagues and the organization. The policy is applicable to everyone who prefers working from home at the discretion of their reporting managers.

Late Night Shift Allowance

One is entitled to an additional amount for working in the late-night shift. The allowance is paid on a quarterly basis through the regular payroll and is subject to income tax deductions.

Compensatory Off

We understand the value of your time. That's why we offer compensatory off for working on weekly-offs or holidays, to ensure your hard work is duly recognized and you get the time to recharge.

Casual Wear Policy

The 4-days casual wear policy take care of our colleagues’ comfort leading to a more productive workplace.

Financial Support

Salary Advance

To meet financial expenses in case of emergency, a salary advance up to one-month gross salary can be availed.

Loan Advance

Option to avail both personal and medical loan is there, provided certain conditions are fulfilled.

Tax Saving Components

Leave Travel Allowance

Leave Travel Allowance can be claimed by a colleague twice in a block of four calendar years. The maximum limit for claiming LTA is as per the company norms.

National Pension System

Subscribers can contribute regularly to a pension account during their working life. On retirement, they can withdraw a part of the corpus in a lump sum and use the remaining corpus to buy an annuity to secure a regular income after retirement.

Paytm Food Wallet

A non-taxable component that caters to making any payment against food purchases. The amount is credited to your Paytm food wallet and deducted from the special allowance component of CTC.

Child Education Allowance

Tax exemption per child up to a maximum of 2 children.

Books & Periodicals

Tax exemption on submission of bills of subscribed books & periodicals.

Telephone & Internet Reimbursement

Tax exemption is granted on submission of telephone and internet bills.

Retirement Benefits


Colleagues after 5 years of continuous service with the company will be eligible for a payment equivalent of 15 days basic salary for every year of completed service on:

  • Retirement
  • Resignation/termination of services
  • Death or permanent disablement due to accident or disease (in such cases the minimum service of five years is not required

Provident Fund

Company contribution of 12% of basic salary towards provident fund.