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Brand It
Jan 27 2023 |6 min read

The Entrepreneurship Club of Gemini, in collaboration with the Learning and Development department, recently organized an exciting event called "Brand It." This final stage of the series of competitions under Communication Reloaded was open only to those who had won the previous rounds.

The event was a unique and creative experience for the participants. They were asked to decode advertisements that were played for only a few seconds. They had to guess the company that had run the advertisement, the message behind it, and the product being advertised. This exercise not only tested their knowledge of different brands but also challenged their ability to quickly analyze and interpret information, making it a great brain exercise.

One participant shared her experience with the event: "The Brand It event was a lot of fun and a great way to test my knowledge of different brands. I also appreciated the opportunity to work with the Learning and Development team, as it helped me to improve my analytical and critical thinking skills. The event was well-organized, and I enjoyed the competitive nature of it. I'm looking forward to participating in future competitions like this."

The event was a huge success, providing a platform for individuals to showcase their knowledge of different brands and improve their analytical and critical thinking skills. The collaboration between the Entrepreneurship Club and the Learning and Development department was a great way to promote learning and development within the company. The organizers are excited to plan more such events in the future.

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