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Communication Reloaded
Feb 15 2023 |7 min read

Communication Reloaded, an event organized by Learning & Development team, has successfully concluded with the declaration of winners for its two exciting phases - Grammarthon and Ad Mad & Brand-It. The event was a great platform for employees to showcase their communication skills and engage with each other through various challenges and activities.

The first phase of the event, Grammarthon, received an impressive participation of 515 colleagues. It was an event aimed at testing participants' grammar skills and knowledge. The winners of the event were Palak Jain, Piyush Kumar, and Ashish Dixit, who were able to demonstrate their excellent grammar skills and knowledge.

The second phase of the event, Ad Mad & Brand-It, was centered around the participants identifying different ad campaigns after watching a 10-20 seconds video and also identifying the firm behind it, as well as the meaning and impact of the campaign. This phase had a total of 500 participants who actively participated and showcased their creativity and knowledge. The winners of the Ad Mad & Brand-It phase were Deepak Sukhija, Niharika Srivastava, and Shubham Bhardwaj. These participants stood out from the rest by demonstrating their ability to analyze ad campaigns and understand the impact of branding.

The event was a great success, and participants had a lot of fun participating in the different activities. The winners of the event were excited and proud of their achievements. Speaking about their experience, Niharika Srivastava, one of the winners of the Ad Mad & Brand-It phase, said, "Participating in the Ad Mad & Brand-It phase of Communication Reloaded was an incredible experience. I enjoyed analyzing different ad campaigns and understanding their impact on the target audience. Winning the event was a proud moment, and it has inspired me to improve my communication skills further."

Overall, Communication Reloaded was a great initiative taken by the L&D team to provide a platform for colleagues to enhance their communication skills. It was an engaging event that helped participants to learn and grow together. The event was a success and has set the tone for many such initiatives in the future.

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