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Creating a Common Data Provider in Excel for All Projects
Jul 28 2022 |7 min read
Problem Statement

The client has many projects that produce outputs in different excel sheets. The data is used by thousands of analytical jobs and portfolio analysis. The major focus is to keep it simple and bring everything to a selectable menu. The objective is to create a middleware which can connect all projects and provide a common place for all data output which can be accessed through an excel sheet.

Project Objectives
  • Create a stable framework so that any developer can onboard his project using minimal code
  • Bring all the outputs to one place
  • Reduce the time taken to get different data from all the projects
  • Instead of everyone coding to produce different sheets, let everyone write in a single project that takes care of everything related to the report
  • Leverage the pre-existing excel sheet hooks with python libraries to create seamless experience for the user
  • Allow the user to decide which report or output they want with easy customizable filters
Scope of Work Included
  • Creating more than 30 APIs per project, which means, more than 500 APIs in total
  • Automating the report creation process for the end user
  • On-boarding various applications and users easily because of manageable code structure
  • Unit & Integration testing along with automated data validation
  • Massaging and reducing/adding data as per the request of the client for the output
  • Giving power to the user to modify the resultant sheet according to his desire
Approach Followed
  • Phased approach by grouping APIs as per applications.
  • Added more data APIs in each phase until we completely covered all.
  • Added unit test cases as we went into the phase.
  • Data manipulation and trimming done as per the requests.
  • Setting up dashboard on Splunk to keep track of failures and number of requests for each project.
Technology Stack
  • Core Technologies: Python
  • Framework: Flask
  • Database : Oracle SQL developer
Ritika Jain

Ritika Jain

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