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Inspire Series
Jan 27 2023 |7 min read

The Entrepreneurship Club at Gemini hosted a series of events throughout 2022 called the Inspire Series. This series brought together seasoned leaders from different walks of life as guest speakers to share their experiences and insights with Geminians. The series was a great success, providing inspiration and valuable insights for those looking to start their own ventures or advance in their careers.

One of the most notable aspects of the Inspire Series was the guest speakers themselves. They were people in leadership positions from big firms who have achieved great success in their respective fields. These individuals were willing to share their journey and their strategies for success, providing a unique and valuable perspective for the Geminians in attendance.

The sessions were structured with an introduction of the guest speaker followed by a series of well-researched questions asked by the host. This was then followed by a fun rapid-fire round, and finally, an open question and answer round where the audience could ask their own questions. This format made the sessions interactive, engaging and informative.

One of the attendees encapsulated their experience as: "The Inspire Series was truly inspiring. The guest speakers were all accomplished individuals who have achieved great success in their respective fields. Hearing about their journey and the strategies they used was incredibly valuable. The interactive format made the sessions even more engaging, and I left each one feeling motivated and inspired."

The Inspire Series has been a great way for the Entrepreneurship Club to bring together like-minded individuals with a shared goal of starting their own ventures, supported and funded by Gemini. The series serves as an opportunity to foster innovation and create subsidiaries of Gemini, by providing Geminians with inspiration, insights and practical guidance from accomplished leaders. The club is looking forward to organizing more such events in the future.

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