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MoU Signed with Chitkara
Feb 17 2023 |6 min read

Gemini signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Chitkara University in Punjab to launch the Gemini Ambassador Programme. The signing ceremony took place on Tuesday, and was attended by several representatives from both organizations, including Soumendra Nath Ray, Vice President; Akshay Gupta, Technology Solutions Associate Architect; Anju Suri, Assistant Vice President; Richa Khatri, Technology Solutions Manager; Vineet Gupta, Lead UI/UX Engineer; and Ashna Khurana, Assistant HR Manager of Gemini Solutions, along with Roma Singh, Director of Career Advancement Services at Chitkara University.

The Gemini Ambassador Programme aims to provide sixth-semester students at Chitkara University with a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in automation testing. The students will be provided with a free 30-day training program, during which they will be trained in automation testing and given assignments to test them on real-time projects. Upon successfully completing the course, students will be eligible for employment opportunities with Gemini Solutions.

As a technology company that is committed to building and empowering a diverse and talented workforce, Gemini Solutions is excited to collaborate with Chitkara University in launching the Gemini Ambassador Programme. This program will not only provide students with valuable industry exposure, but also help build a pipeline of skilled talent for the company.

Through this collaboration, Gemini Solutions hopes to provide students with an opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, while also benefiting from the company's global exposure and access to cutting-edge technology. Gemini looks forward to welcoming students from Chitkara University to join the program and explore their potential in the field of automation testing.

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