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Pricing Portal Application
May 25 2022 |6 min read
Problem Statement

To get rid of latency/slowness issue in the pricing portal application. Besides slowness issue, business users also had several high priority workflows/tasks that required automation. There were also several outstanding production issues in the application that were unresolved for a long time. The existing project team was unable to cater to all these requests simultaneously.

Project Objectives
  • Migrate services from WCF to REST API to improve application response time & upgrade BE services to support App UI upgrade.
  • Design and implement new workflows pertaining to critical processes like Month end override, Source switch & Fair valuation workflow
  • Resolve long standing, critical bugs in the application
  • Digitize business critical processes like REFSC process enhancements, Board reporting to save manual man hours, while also improving accuracy and reducing dependency on email driven processes & shared drive
  • QA Automation for all modules of the application
Scope of Work Included
  • Design & implement new workflows like Source switch, Month end override
  • Integrate Entitlement service with application
  • Improve application response time and remove latency issue in application
  • Optimize inefficient process & workflows
  • Resolve high priority production bugs in the application
  • Automate PM assignment flow in the application
  • Create detailed project documentation for newly developed and existing features in the application
Approach Followed
  • A quick team set up to cater to all the activities
  • Worked closely with business users to understand & define requirements, designed optimized workflows which reduce manual work and improve accuracy in the process
  • Created detailed FSD, Wireframes for new workflows and gave multiple demo(s) to client for continuous feedback on developed functionalities
  • Followed Agile principles while completing projects in limited time.
Technology Stack
  • Core Technologies: .NET Core, WPF
  • Databases: Oracle SQL Developer, SQL Server Management Studio

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Pooja Sagar

Pooja Sagar

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