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Shark Tank
Jan 27 2023 |7 min read

The Entrepreneurship Club of Gemini brought together a group of ambitious individuals with a shared goal of starting their own ventures, all supported and funded by Gemini. The club aims to foster innovation and create subsidiaries of Gemini, and recently held a competition modeled after the popular show Shark Tank.

The competition consisted of several rounds, during which participants pitched their ideas to a panel of senior management judges. The pitches were evaluated on factors such as innovation, feasibility, and potential for success.

One participant had this to say about his experience: "Taking part in the Entrepreneurship Club competition was an incredible opportunity for me. Not only did I get to pitch my idea to a panel of experienced judges, but I also had the chance to receive valuable feedback and mentorship from them. The competition helped me to refine my pitch and better understand the potential of my idea. I am grateful for the support provided by Gemini and the Entrepreneurship Club in helping me to turn my dream into a reality."

A judge also had positive things to say about the competition: "The Entrepreneurship Club competition was an exciting and enlightening experience. The level of innovation and creativity among the participants was truly impressive. It was a pleasure to provide mentorship and guidance to these talented individuals, and I look forward to watching their ideas come to fruition. The competition is a valuable addition to the Gemini ecosystem and a great way to support and promote innovation within the company."

Overall, the Shark Tank competition was a huge success, providing a platform for individuals to showcase their ideas, receive valuable feedback and mentorship, and potentially turn their dreams into reality. The club aims to continue fostering innovation and promoting entrepreneurship within the company, and is excited to see the potential impact of these new ventures on the Gemini ecosystem.

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